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What is a Classless WoW? – WoW Server

What is a Classless WoW?

world of warcraft classess

What is Classless World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is a popular MMORPG that allows you to pick from a variety of different classes. Classless WoW completely removes classes from the game and instead allows you to build your own class by combining spells and talents from different specializations and classes. This allows you to create combinations like a Frostbolt Mage with a Hunter Pet or Warlock Demon, or combining Rend with Sinister Strike or whatever combination you want to play as.

How do I play Classless WoW?

Project Ascension WoW is the leading Classless Realm and as with all private servers it is legal to play on. There are other Classless Servers in development, but so far no release dates or real gameplay has been revealed. You can play free or learn more about Ascension World of Warcraft at

What is WoW with Random Abilities?

Wildcard WoW

WoW with Random Abilities is a game mode using the Classless WoW system and is called Wildcard. This is the most popular WoW game mode where you learn random abilities from all of the different classes while leveling, receiving a totally unique and random build by the time you reach max level. Wildcard was so popular it even attracted the attention of Sodapoppin and Asmongold during Ascension’s Season 3 Wildcard, causing them to have to open 2 additional servers to hold the amount of players attempting to connect to the game. Ascension has significantly improved their infrastructure since Season 7, and can now more players on a single realm, alleviating the need to open additional servers for their current version of Random Ability WoW, which is Draft Mode.

What is Draft Mode?

World of Warcraft Season

Draft Mode in World of Warcraft is a Classless gamemode where you draft 3 spells every few levels and can pick one of them to add to your build. This gamemode is similar to Wildcard, but gives you more control over the random build you play with upon reaching max level. Draft Mode is a very popular WoW Season, and attracted so much attention it forced Ascension to instance capital cities and even create multiple instances of each to hold the largest private WoW server population ever seen on a single realm.


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